Liverpool urge Senegal not to risk using Sadio Mane.

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Liverpool have urge Senegal not to risk use forward Sadio Mane in Sunday’s Africa Cup of Nations. The 29-year-old attack against Cape Verde goalkeeper Vosigna in the last 16. After which Sadio Mane was substitute 70 minutes from the pitch. Before being report to be hospitalized to check for symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

However, if the Premier League’s player health standards apply. It would mean that Mane would have to miss the next game immediately. Because UFABET it protects players who may be affect by head trauma.

Although Mane has reveal that he is in good condition. But the matter has cause serious concern for Liverpool. And the Reds have report sent a message to Senegal not to risk sending an attacking forward into the Equatorial Guinea match on Sunday.

By the medical team of The Teranga lion believes Mane has not suffer a concussion. After a thorough investigation. But the statement that come out did not build confidence in the player’s agency in any way.

 Sadio Mane started playing youth football with the club. Academy Genere Sunfoot For a career path that began from 2011-2012 with the Metz team   by playing all 22 games, scoring 2 goals   , then playing with Red Bull Salburg join two seasons He made 63 appearances in total, scoring 31 goals, later in 2014-2016 playing for Southampton.   and came to Liverpool in 2016   from joining Liverpool He is considered the most expensive African player in history with a fee of 34 million pounds.