Teddy is worried about Manchester United walking through the storm without a shape.

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Former Manchester United striker Teddy Sheringham. The 1999 treble-winning outfit has express concern for the current youth team’s devotion to solving problems without direction. Pointing out that if it continues like this. No matter how much money is spent. It’s like pounding chili paste in a river.

United have just lost in a Manchester derby match 1-4 in a broken score that is lacking. But the game form is more mess up and can’t be fought. It is the latest black bow UFABET since former team manager. Sir Alex Ferguson wash his hands in the Golden Bowl in 2013 .

At this point. 

Sheringham is worried because over nine years. The ‘ Red Devils ‘ have nowhere near the league championship again. Which if this continues I believe. That playing for the next 10-20 years will still wither without a good long-term strategy.  

“ When you play for the manager of an acting team , the players are always thinking – at the end of the season they’re gone. I don’t see the need to try as hard as I can. Well, he’s gone anyway. I’ll wait for the release of the manager’s heart . New team – United players mood like that. You can see it from the whole stadium. Or some players who withdrew their names because of injury ? Or it may not hurt, ” commented on ‘ Sky Sports ‘

“ There is a problem at the club at the moment. And then I think it comes from the leadership class in the organization. ”

“ You look at Man City , they have the best leaders who are dedicated to making the team better. The best they could find. ” Teddy

“ But when I look at Manchester United , they promote Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from acting manager and then get sacked. Then make a new acting – what the hell is going on with this club , what are you playing at ? 

“ It has to be serious in screening. Looking for someone to work long term , desire to make the team better , everyone can follow. ” 

“ But when it’s not like that It’s hard for everyone to follow the same path because the end of the season changes anyway. Then we have to start over with another manager with another football idea . ” 

United ‘s new full-time manager favorites are Mauricio Pochettino ( PSG ) and Erik ten Hag ( Ajax ) .