Dembele’s representatives do not fear Barcelona’s threats.

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Ousmane Dembele’s representative, Moussa Sissoko does not fear Barcelona’s threats. Stressing that a peaceful solution should be sought through negotiations.

Moussa Sissoko the representative of Barcelona’s threats. Ousmane Dembele confirm that the Azulgrana side need to hold talks over a new contract for the France striker. Without fear of the club’s threats. That are ready to send up to watch games in the stands for the rest of the football season. If the players do not accept a new offer. As report by Marca on Tuesday. 

Dembele join Barcelona from Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2017. UFABET He make 129 appearances for Azul Grana scoring 31 goals and providing 23 assists. The 24-year-old attacking XI is due to end his contract this summer. And is unlikely to accept a new offer from the club. Barcelona’s threats.

‘We are not here to debate on social networks.’ Sissoko told Marca. ‘But to be honest, Yes, We are demanding something. But we show that Ousmane’s career is not drive by money. If it is like that we won’t be here. So if Barcelona want to negotiate. They should probably sit at a table with us and talk.’

‘Except that there is no talk. Barcelona’s threats that he won’t be playing anymore. (If he doesn’t renew the contract) and that’s forbidden. We will assert Ousmane’s rights if it is necessary. Maybe it can work with a representative that is friendly to Barcelona. ​This is not the case for me. I’m here to protect the interests of my players.’ Sissoko say.

Moussa Sissoko.

Is a French midfielder, English-speaking “Tottenham”. He is 27 years old and he is slowly emerging at the peak of his career. But it cannot be said that he has become a world-class star. Moussa Sissoko plays in midfield in the role of what is known as “box-to-box”, that is, a footballer who works from his own penalty area for others. He can also advance to a higher position and become a midfielder or move to the right wing.