Dengue Fever Treatment

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Dengue Fever Treatment

Treatment of dengue fever There is no specific antiviral drug that can effectively eliminate dengue virus. Treating symptoms is therefore the most appropriate thing to do. At first, when there is a high fever, paracetamol is given. Do not use aspirin at all. Because it will make the bleeding worse. If nausea and vomiting occur, use anti-nausea medicine and drink electrolyte water. or fruit juice, a little but often, including observing symptoms closely In order to avoid a state of shock Most cases of shock occur when the fever subsides. Parents should be aware of symptoms including abdominal pain and decreased urination. Feeling restless or bored Cold hands and feet along with a lower fever, dizziness, and fainting easily. If symptoms like this occur, hurry and take yourself to the hospital immediately. Report from ufabet

Prevention of dengue fever

  1. Prevent mosquito bites By sleeping under a mosquito net or a room with a mosquito screen.
  2. Light mosquito repellent or use mosquito repellent ointment or spray. and should be used carefully
  3. Should not be in a drafty area or a dark corner. There is little light.
  4. Take a shower to thoroughly clean your body because sweat will attract more mosquitoes to bite.
  5. Destroy the breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes in the home and nearby areas.

Ways to control mosquito breeding sites can be done as follows.

  1. Eliminate – destroy – bury – burn scraps of unused containers inside the house and around the house so that there is no standing water.
  2. The lids of drinking and using water jars should be tightly closed.
  3. Add detergent or vinegar or table salt or ash or abate sand. Or pour boiling water into a saucer every week.
  4. Put the guppies in the lotus basin. Bathroom water tank for feeding larvae
  5. Scrub and clean water storage containers. To eliminate Aedes mosquitoes
  6. Change the water in flower vases every 7 days to destroy Aedes mosquito eggs.
  7. Clean the rain gutters thoroughly.
  8. Improve the environment around your home and community to be clean.

Taking care of yourself if you have dengue fever

  1. In the first 2 – 3 days of having a fever, if you can still eat food and drink water, do not vomit, do not have abdominal pain, do not have purpura, and have not yet had any symptoms of bleeding or shock. You should do the following:
    • Give the patient plenty of rest.
    • If you have a high fever, use a cloth moistened with water to wipe yourself often and give paracetamol to reduce fever. Adults take 1-2 tablets, older children take ½ – 1 tablet, small children use 1-2 teaspoons of syrup. If you still have a fever, take it again every 6 hours.
      Do not give aspirin at all, as it may make it easier for you to bleed.
    • If you are a young patient and have ever had a seizure You should take anticonvulsant medicine beforehand.
    • Eat soft foods such as porridge and porridge and drink lots of water.
    • Observe the patient’s condition closely
  2. If the patient vomits profusely or bleeds or goes into shock, they should be rushed to the hospital.