Things you need to know about dengue fever

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Things you need to know about dengue fever.

Even though we know the reason What causes ‘dengue fever’ ? And how should one behave in order to stay away from those things? But there is still quite a bit of information that is a misconception. Including many things that are still unknown. Today we will try to review it again. To make prevention of dengue fever even more complete. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Once you have dengue fever, it will not come back.

Actually, this matter is both right and wrong. Because when you have for the first time Our body will have immunity to prevent it from coming back. But! There are 4 strains of the virus that is the cause. If infected with any strain, you will have immunity to that strain. If we are infected a second time. Which is a different strain from the first time. Immunity will not protect against this new strain completely. It may cause again. And it could be much more severe than before. 

Age group affected by dengue fever

From collecting data It was also found that the age group with the highest incidence of dengue fever was the age group 10 – 14 years, followed by the age group 5 – 9 years, 15 – 24 years, 25 – 34 years, ending with the age group 0 – 4 months. Which The most common people who are sick are students. Therefore, when living in school. You must careful not to get bitten. or in an area with standing water that may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes

Even though there are many patients But there is still no cure for dengue virus.

It is well known that dengue fever is caused by the dengue virus. At this time, medically there is no medicine to cure the infection 100% percent. You can only treat the symptoms according to the symptoms. They must also closely monitor for shock and bleeding. The doctor’s main treatment strategy is to give paracetamol during periods of high fever. Do not use aspirin. Because it will make the bleeding worse. Periodically watch for platelet changes. And fluids are given to compensate because the patient will lose their appetite. Have vomiting This causes dehydration and sodium. In addition, you must watch for other complications. to followe by