Martin Keown has revealed he is a fan of youngster Ben White

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Arsenal legend Martin Keown has revealed he is a fan of youngster Ben White, who the Gunners bought from Brighton for £50million, citing the strengths of playing as a defender. modern If fit enough to start visiting Brentford immediately this Friday.

White, England’s national team degree, although not very large, but outstanding in setting up the ball from the back , has a sense of defensive games. and the pace is fast enough. It is those qualities that Keown believes can enhance his offensive performance over the previous season.

” Ben looks like a good signing of a new player, on target – he’s an important player, ” commented’ sunsport , ufabet

“ He’s a good cut-off player. Stats rank joint fifth in the league last season , very readable , intelligent and able to pass the ball well. That guy is still young, but is able to leverage that potential and quickly cross over to be part of the same group. ”

“ Arsenal may have to wait patiently for success with the young defender. But in my opinion, I think that’s signing on the spot. He can play either as a center back three or a back four. From now on this is the stage that White will use to prove how good he is. ”

“ However, he still needs a lot of support and support because the defensive structure is not for a single player to clean up. That doctor needs to be a good partner Rob Holding , Pablo Marin or other Gabriel . ” 

“ Seeing Ben play against that group of players, he would immediately become a defensive commander. And don’t have to be paranoid because he’s just a new face. ”

Arsenal had a problem in the 2021 pre – season when they didn’t win any games. Also leaving a clean sheet is a big game for head coach Mikel Arteta.