Daniel James sat down with fans on Twitter about his dream

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Daniel James sat down with fans on Twitter about his dream. Man Utd winger Daniel James sat down with fans on Twitter. One of the interesting things is that the players he imagines he wants to create a great performance to follow in the footsteps So ionel Messi is a role model for the left foot and Juan Mata as an example of a professional athlete. trace.

Messi has six Ballon d’Or degrees and many other successes as Barcelona. With his contract now expired to play for Paris Saint – Germain.  

While Mata even out of contract at the end of season 2020-21 as well. But United also extended for another year to a veteran who helped me in the lockers and prototype of a professional.  

That’s two of the many people the 23- year-old looks like as a role model. 

” Honestly favorite players, I have two or three people like most is Thierry Henry because I grew up watching a play fits ” 

“ He’s done an incredible job. It didn’t take long for him to move to the English Premier League and he became a top player. ”

“ As for the player that I have the opportunity to work with now and raise him as a model, Juan Mata is another idol. Both are very professional. ” 

James also answered questions fantasy that would include highlights of the left foot. If right foot , demeanor and strike the one included in some – which was culled, but Welsh football elite.  

” I want to have a left foot like Messi because old is the best player in the world in my eyes. it’s difficult to choose a striker. Go over and get your right foot like Cristiano Ronaldo. ” 

“Can you choose again ? Regarding the shape, it ‘s Ronaldo as well. The band headed Robert Lewandowski. ” 

The new season will kick off with Leeds. James win the match because Marcus Ranch Ford rehabilitation shoulder surgery. While Jay Don Sancho have to learn the system for some time continue to push the first eleven. immediately