Manchester United legend Ten hag for making mistake by dropping McTominay

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Manchester United legend slams Ten hag for making mistake by dropping McTominay to the bench.

Legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel points out that Erik ten Hag made a big mistake in ordering Scott McTominay to be dropped as a substitute for the rest of this season. Report from ufabet

Legendary Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has point out that Erik ten Hag made a huge mistake in ordering Scott McTominay to drop as a substitute for the rest of this season. after last The Scottish midfielder played a hero role, coming off the bench to score two goals in injury time. Led the Red Devils to defeat Brentford 2-1.

McTominay has Ten Hag’s backup since the beginning of last season. Just like this season Even though he played well with the national team Still have to sit on the bench with Manchester United, with the latter having rising stars like Hannibal Mejbry inserted as the first choice in some matches as well.

However, McTominay’s heroic performance helped Ten Hag avoid the pressure of losing his job during the international break. 

By scoring 2 goals, Manchester United won over Brentford after falling behind first according to regulations.

“He already has the potential to do this,” Schmeichel said as a game analyst. “I never understood why. The coach had to drop him, and Scott McTominay was even put on the sell-out list. which I could never understand.”

“He is a phenomenal player. You will always need a versatile player like this. You need people who can play multiple positions. Can come off the bench to change games and McTominay is that kind of player.”

“You bring people into the team. And then you put him on the bench. That raises the question: Why do players at this level have to sit on the bench?”

While McTominay has scored 2 goals in 6 matches played this season (4 reserves), new hope midfielder Mason Mount has yet to score his first goal after playing 6 matches. Being all real