Manchester United insider Raphael Varane injury

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Manchester United insider updates on Raphael Varane injury.

High-level sources at Manchester United confirm French defender Raphael Varane There was no serious injury.

High-level sources at Manchester United confirm French defender Raphael Varane There was no serious injury. Expected to be ready to help the team as usual again. After this period of the national team break.

The former Real Madrid star has start in each of Manchester United’s last three games. But was not name in the squad to face Brentford on Saturday. Until making it a pair of Jonny Evans – Harry Maguire Who got to play as the real player when Lisandro Martinez was already injured.

After the game on Saturday, Eric Ten Hag revealed that Varane was not in perfect physical condition. resulting in no name on the team

Recently, a source at Old Trafford told the Manchester Evening News that Varane’s condition is just a “minor issue” and “nothing to be concerned about” but that any

Varane is expecte to fit to return to training in the next few days. To prepare for the next Premier League game that will against Sheffield United on 21 Oct.

After the Community Shield between Arsenal and Manchester City went beyond the 100-minute mark, Manchester United defender Raphael Varane has criticised the decision to extend games this season. Varane asked “why are our opinions not being heard” and said “changes are damaging our game”. City boss Pep Guardiola also seemed unhappy with the extra minutes added on against Arsenal. Report from