Rakitic insists Sevilla deserved to win.

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Ivan Rakitic believes Sevilla deserved a win over Manchester United in the Europa League to repay their supporters for their poor performance in Liga this season.

Sevilla captain Ivan Rakitic said after Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Manchester United secured a place in the Europa League semi-finals with a 5-2 aggregate win that Sevillano deserved. Ready to face another favorite, Juventus, according to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Friday. 

‘All of us who know Sevilla, it’s hard to say. But we know it’s just another night This crowd has given us so much honor and joy. And if the referee lets play another 15 minutes that would be welcomed as well.’

The Croatian midfielder stressed that all work was done in return for Sevilla as Sevillano struggled to survive in the Liga this season UFABET

‘It’s a win for all of us. We’ve been through a lot during the year. and we deserve it’ 

Rakitic also spoke about inspiring the Sevillano team before the game. ‘You can see the mood of desire, the struggle, the atmosphere that can be see clearly. I rarely get a lot of messages before games. It’s not a coincidence We have reached the semi-finals. It’s not a big deal, we will face Juventus, one of the favourites. So let’s fight and keep doing what we did.’