Alessio Romagnoli has urged to be optimistic that still have a chance

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AC Milan defender Alessio Romagnoli has urged the club to be optimistic that they still have a chance to qualify in the next two games.

The Ac Milan drew 1-1 at home to Porto in their Champions League Group B clash on Wednesday. They leaving the Rossoneri with just one point from their four games.

“The first half wasn’t good enough and I think every people saw that. But we are more ourselves after playing again,” Romagnoli told Milan TV.

“It’s disappointing. because we are fully dedicated We created a lot of chances in the second half and knew the Champions League was a tough game. But our performance in the last 4 games deserves more than 1 point.

“We will believe as long as we have a chance to qualify. It all depends on us, even if we want other results. enter our way

“Tonight we want to make the fans happy. They are wonderful So we hope to give them happiness in Sunday’s derby instead.”

“It was not a good first half and I think everyone saw that, but we were more like ourselves after the restart,” Romagnoli told Milan TV.

“It’s disappointing, because we gave it our best shot. We created lots of chances in the second half and know the Champions League is difficult, but our performances in general across the four games were worth more than one point.

“We will keep believing as long as it’s possible to qualify. It all depends on us, even though we also need other results to go our way too.

“We wanted to make the fans happy this evening, they were fantastic, so we hope to give them that joy in the derby on Sunday instead.”