Everton reject Inter milan buying Keane less than 30 million

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Everton reject Inter milan buying Keane less than 30 million. Everton, despite not including young striker Moise Kean in manager Rafael Benitez’s plans. They will not sell to Inter for less than £30 million. around 35 million euros) absolutely.  Unless there is a player that the best Merseyside teams are interested in Attached to the next-second in the deal as well.

A report from the ‘ Inter Life Dot IT ‘ that ‘ Mineral Missouri ‘ like a spear. A new substitute Romelu Luke’s at gunpoint move to Chelsea. They hoping to take the Edinburgh Pacheco captain of Roma and Keane Excess spear ‘ Blue Taffy ‘

Bosnian spear case almost attained But the Italian striker’s line-up is far from over as Everton are keen to sell for at least the price they bought from Juventus two summers ago, which Inter could not afford.  

A possible way is to take a ‘ big ‘ was broken up by Everton attention defender Stefan de Frei and midfielder Marcelo Brosseau Norwich, but the pair negotiations. Selling the main players to support the financial situation is difficult to release any senior players.

        As a result, negotiations may change the format to loan Keane to play for Giuseppe Meazza. There is one season with an option to buy outright.

Keane went on loan with Paris Saint – Germain last season, making 41 appearances and scoring 17 goals.