De Gea hurried back to practice as a senior

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De Gea hurried back to practice as a senior. David de Gea, the goalkeeper for Manchester United answered the reason why he came to pre-season training with the team ahead of schedule. Even though he had just completed the national team mission.

Including having a baby who had just opened his eyes to see the world for a few months, growing up Because I want to be a professional role model for the Red Devils to see.

De Gea played with United for a decade and was considered a senior figure. So, even last summer to compete in the European national championship the Spanish national team. Also the paternity status of an infant daughter must be rested Then focus on devotion to the agency.

” Yes, I think as a senior we have to act like a model, ” the 30-year-old goalkeeper told the club’s website.  

“ I’ve been playing with the team for a long time. I try to express my desire to be appropriate to everyone. So rushing to report And being always in front of the team mate is included in it. ” 

“ Personally I feel great , strong physically or mentally. With the new season that’s about to begin, we’ll have a good start. Everyone is united , 100% together, and it’s very important to the season ahead. ” 

“The story of my daughter who opened her eyes to the world made me more happy and purposeful in my work. As I learned, the coming season is really important to us. ” 

The United squad is complete in almost every position now waiting for the launch of new centre-back Rafael Varane in less than 48 hours from now.